Global Company Thank you for visiting Iljin Cookware Co., Ltd.

Iljin Cookware Co., Ltd. can make cooking safer, more efficient, and more convenient for each household's housewives.
How do you cook delicious and healthy dishes and enjoy the time in the kitchen without any difficulties?
Furthermore, if you make a beautiful kitchen, can a housewife be happy and a family happy? I started with the idea.
Established in 1993, Iljin Mold (specialized mold for kitchen) motto for design, design and product development for the best quality
After 5 years of continuous research and development on diecasting and coating process through various exhibitions, ILJIN Cookware Co., Ltd. was established in 2012.

ILJIN Cookware Co., Ltd., which thinks the mind of the cooker first, is to develop differentiated quality and steady new product development.
We have been established ISO 9001 and have been working on design patent, utility model, venture company certification,
As part of our efforts, we have developed a wide range of differentiated and quality products and sell them to domestic and export markets.

Not only here, Iljin Cookware Co., Ltd. is a company that thinks about the mind of the cooker first.
We will do our best efforts through quality first, respect for basic and principle, and product development.

Thank you.
CEO Cho, Ki Nam